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Magdalena Lamparska - filmography

16 October 2020

Directed by: Marcin Ziębiński
Cast: Katarzyna Zawadzka, Antoni Królikowski, Magdalena Lamparska, Tomasz Karolak

Karolina (Katarzyna Zawadzka) works in a bank, she is energetic, self-confident and go-getting. When she gets her hands on the latest currency product - a Swiss franc loan, she gets a great chance to... more

24 February 2017

Porady na zdrady
Directed by: Ryszard Zatorski
Cast: Magdalena Lamparska, Anna Dereszowska, Mikołaj Roznerski
Category: comedy / romance

Betrayed wedding day Kalina (Magdalena Lamparska) and abandoned by her boyfriend Jill (Anna Dereszowska), untwist unusual business that once and for all is to solve the problems of male fidelity. They... more

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