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Movie poster Walser
Original title: Walser
Runtime: 78 min.
Production: Polska , 2015
Category: drama / sci-fi
Release Date: 20 May 2016
Distribution: Alter Ego Pictures

Directed by: Zbigniew Libera
Cast: Krzysztof Stroiński, Gustaw Klyszcz, Joanna Wiktorczyk

Lost tribe of forest people collides with a representative of civilization, the railway official - Walser. A post-apocalyptic science fiction confronts the guerrilla utopia of a return to nature.
On the outskirts of civilization lives lost tribe. Conteh are people with blue eyes, like flax, fawn dreadach and young bodies. They look like a dream hippie fantasy of returning to nature or Slavic version of Avatar. The forest people live in paradise, when this ideal world encroaching civilization in the person of a railway official: Walser. Although any price he tries to penetrate in their idyllic world and learn the unintelligible language Synopsis carries with him only chaos and destruction. Stylized world Walser flirting with the tradition of genre cinema: a post-apocalyptic s-f, western or films about jaskiniowcach, where primitivism and "glamor" did not become a contradiction. Cliches known for genre cinema, Libera serve as building blocks to build a multi-level puzzle with literary figures of the lost paradise, philosophical concepts and counterculture utopian community or fantasies about the end of civilization.

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