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Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away

Directed by: Hélene Giraud, Thomas Szabo

Cinema program "Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away" in Warszawa

Cinema   Wednesday, 24 April
Morning Afternoon Evening
Cinema City Arkadia 2d dub 10:00 12:40
Cinema City Janki 2d dub 11:00
Cinema City Mokotów 2d dub 10:00
Cinema City Promenada 2d dub 11:20 13:20 15:20
Luna 9:30
Movie poster Robaczki z zaginionej dżungli
Original title: Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away
Runtime: 92 min.
Production: Francja , 2018
Category: animation / adventure / comedy / family
Release Date: 8 March 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Hélene Giraud, Thomas Szabo
Cast: Bruno Salomone, Thierry Frémont, Stéphane Coulon, Jean Nanga

They have wings, legs, tentacles and they will not hesitate to use them! All this to make you laugh. The worms from the Lost Valley are returning in the continuation of the blockbuster hit, which has been extremely successful and gained popularity in over 80 countries around the world. This time we will follow the adventures of the ladybug and her insect friends in the distant Caribbean! After an epic battle in the Mrówek Valley, the little heroes are ready for new challenges - even more exotic, fun and unpredictable. Prepare yourself for a macro of fun in the miraculous microcosm of worms.

When the little ladybird is trapped in a cardboard box and sent to the Caribbean, her dad sets off to Guadeloupe to save her. When, after many hardships, he comes to the place, he discovers with surprise that the brave toddler has found a new home and friends. Unfortunately, all of them are threatened by a construction company planning to cut down the jungle. But what are friends from? With the help of old buddies who come to the rescue, the colorful crew of the worms is developing an unusual plan to save the rainforests.

"The Worms of the Lost Jungle" is the latest cinema screening of the series, which has been a huge success around the world. In France alone, the first season of the series was published in close to half a million DVDs, and the total number of hits of single episodes on Youtube has already exceeded 0.25 billion page views! "The Worms of the Lost Jungle" is a breathtaking combination of realistic nature shots with computer-generated animation The effect of the international team of graphic designers, led by the originators of the series - Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, captivates with beauty, surprises action and a huge dose of humor that makes that the adventurous worms love viewers of every age.

Average rate: 4.0
rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0 rating 4.0
8 votes. | Rate movie
IMDb© rate: Robaczki z zaginionej dżungli on IMDb

Movie trailer: Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away

Your comments

Przemek 12. April 2019, 13:48

Dramat,porażka. Strata czasu.Totalne bezguscie filmowe. Żenada wyszliśmy po godzinie projekcji.

gosia 24. March 2019, 20:05

fajny, piękne widoki i muzyka. Chociaż bardziej mi się podobały Robaczki z zaginionej doliny parę lat temu, ale w sumie są podobne.

MG 23. March 2019, 18:04

Wspaniała bajka, byliśmy z synem 6 lat, spokojna, ciepła, bez przemocy, bardzo się podobała, polecamy Ja i Wiko.

siwy 17. March 2019, 18:01

Słaba bajka. Dosłownie kilka dialogów i nawet tego nie zdubbingowali. Dzieciaczki się nudziły. Nie wiem skąd tyle punktów...

mama 17. March 2019, 11:57

Ten film to połączenie Davida Lyncha z Microcosmosem. Zero dialogów i akcji. Po upływie 30 minut rodzice z dziećmi wychodzą z kina. Ja tez nie wytrzymalam.

Nie warto 10. March 2019, 8:15

Nic tylko spać ale muzyka filmu budzi

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