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Manou the Swift

Directed by: Andrea Block, Christian Haas

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Movie poster Manu. bądź sobą!
Original title: Manou the Swift
Runtime: 88 min.
Production: Niemcy/Kanada/Francja , 2019
Category: animation / adventure / comedy / family
Release Date: 5 April 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Andrea Block, Christian Haas
Cast: Bernard Lewandowski, Jacek Król, Adam Zdrójkowski, Czesław Mozil, Natalia Jankiewicz, Grzegorz Kwiecień, Kamil Kula

Great dubbing, mass of humor and entertainment of the highest flights - in a word "Manu. Be yourself! "- animated family comedy about a nice bird who thought he was a gull all his childhood. The film, which will appear in cinemas on April 5, is a beautiful and funny story that it is worth being yourself, the differences do not exist, and faith in your own strength can do wonders. In the Polish language version, we will hear excellent voices: Czesław Mozil, known among others from the role of Olaf the snowman from "Kraina Łodu", and Adam Zdrójkowski - the star of the series "Rodzinka.pl", which has participated in dubbing "Sing". The promotion of the film is supported by Roksana Węgiel's hit "Anyone I Want To Be" (nearly 20 million views on Youtube), to which a special version of the music video with excerpts from the animation "Manu. Be yourself!".

Manu (Adam Zdrojkowski) grows up in a loving family, believing that he is a gull. However, during the first lesson of flying, it turns out that he belongs to a completely different species of winged. Rejected by his current herd, he leaves the family nest in search of true identity. On his way he meets the bird's Swift siblings, who quickly takes him to his pack. The friends are accompanied by a certain overweight, unable to fly, but for this very nice turkey Percival (Czesław Mozil). Soon, along with gulls, all species will have to join forces to face the gang of rodents, which specializes in stealing bird eggs. Around the corner, however, lurks another danger, which will show that being in yourself is the power and differentiation from others is more useful than everyone may think.

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