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The Adventures of Halvdan Viking

Halvdan Viking
Directed by: Gustaf Akerblom

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Movie poster Halvdan - prawie Wiking
Original title: Halvdan Viking
Production: Szwecja , 2018
Release Date: 9 October 2020
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Gustaf Akerblom
Cast: Vilgot Hedtjarn, Ellinea Siambalis, Peter Haber

Two feuding families are fighting for power. Despite the conflict, Halvdan and Meia try to make friends and solve the mystery of the lost ax - the symbol of Viking strength.

When the great leader of a Viking village dies, his magic ax - the symbol of power - disappears. The sons of the deceased, accusing themselves of theft, divide the settlement into two camps that hate each other. In such circumstances, the story of Halvdan begins - a young blacksmith, an inhabitant of an eastern village, whom the malicious do not treat as a real Viking, because he is limping. One day the boy meets a princess from the west - Meia by the river. Contrary to the rules, children become friends with each other. Will their forbidden friendship survive and the long-term conflict will be resolved? The task is not facilitated by the hard stubbornness of the Eastern and Western leaders, or the still-undiscovered ax - a symbol of power. A warm and funny story about friendship despite differences and about fighting prejudices, based on the book by Martin Widmark.

text: New Horizons

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