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Into the Labyrinth

L'uomo del labirinto
Directed by: Donato Carrisi

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Movie poster W labiryncie
Original title: L'uomo del labirinto
Runtime: 130 min.
Production: Włochy , 2019
Release Date: 28 February 2020
Distribution: Best Film

Directed by: Donato Carrisi
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Toni Servillo, Valentina Belle

Donato Carrisi - author of world bestsellers and laureate of the Italian Oscar returns to the big screen with a crime novel In a maze. Starring - Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman (Graduate, Quartet, Rain Man) and Toni Servillo (Great Beauty, They, Girl in the Fog).

A dark thriller in which nothing is what it seems, and everyone, even seemingly the most insignificant detail can play a fundamental role in solving the complicated puzzle.

Teen Samantha is kidnapped on her way to school. Despite intensive research, no one came across her. Fifteen years later, he finds himself in a hospital. She doesn't know who she is, she doesn't know what happened to her. With the help of Dr. Green (Dustin Hoffman) he tries to regain memory. Together, they try to sort out memories of the mysterious maze - an underground prison in which someone forced her to solve puzzles, using a terrifying system of rewards and punishments.
Bruno Genko (Toni Servillo) is also trying to solve the secret of the disappearance and return of the girl by a rebellious and uncompromising detective, having as many friends as many enemies
Fifteen years earlier, Samantha's parents hired him to find their daughter. Now that the girl has appeared, she thinks he owes her something. That's why he decides to capture the nameless kidnapper. The Samantha case may be the last one he is working on.

This investigation is not like any other. Someone has a secret. Someone is lying. And somewhere there is a maze with lots of doors. And there is a different puzzle behind each door ...

text: Cinema Pod Baranami

Average rate: 8.0
rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0
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ARA 14. March 2020, 23:14

Fatalny! Na widowni (dużej) tylko trzy osoby! Dziwne, że tacy aktorzy zagrali w tak miałkim filmie? Szkoda. Poszłam wprawdzie dla aktorów, a tu ....?

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