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120 Beats per Minute

120 battements par minute
Directed by: Robin Campillo

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Movie poster 120 uderzeń serca
Original title: 120 battements par minute
Runtime: 140 min.
Production: Francja , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 11 May 2018
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Robin Campillo
Cast: Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adele Haenel

Grand Prix Cannes IFF 2017. When you feel angry and oppose what politicians do, do not wait. Fight for your rights. A thrilling film about the power of youth and the birth of a passionate and fury of the opposition movement in the early 90s

In the movie, Campillo euphoria meets despair, and the accelerated heartbeat resembles the ticking counting down the clock. Because the race goes on with time: there is the early 1990s, the AIDS epidemic is harvesting in France with the silent agreement of the government and pharmaceutical concerns. The attempts to silence the silence around actions, marches and happenings are being stopped by activists from the Paris-based ACT UP. 120 heart beats are a passionate and fury portrait of a youth meeting death, racial, discussed political cinema and moving love story. It is also a collective portrait of a generation, probably the last one, which so passionately believed in the possibility of change and that politics must be practiced on the streets. The awarded Grand Prix by the cannes jury (headed by Pedro Almodóvar), the movie Campillo is back to the 90s: the director himself was an ACT UP activist and his partner died of AIDS.

The power of 120 heartbeats consists of a series of images - a metaphor. The starting point is a perfect scenario. However, the film owes its perfect shape to the talent of Campillo, which perfectly reflects the moods of both collective and individual heroes. Pedro Almodovar

Paris is burning. To the rhythm of trance music seethe anger, the need for action is born. Here and now. Sight and Sound

Shrugs. Involved. On the political scene, he sheds light on what is most important: human. Variety

Moving and convincing without easy moralization. The Hollywood Reporter

Freedom, equality and what is most important: love. Time Out

The winning film "120 heartbeats" shows a feverish Europe before the Internet era, when the relationship between people was different. This hyperactivity of heroes becomes for them the best way to live. Tadeusz Sobolewski on behalf of the Jury of the All About Freedom Festival


Grand Prix and the FIPRESCI International Federation of Film Critics Award at the Cannes International Film Festival 2017

European Film Awards 2017: 2 nominations (Best European Film of the Year, Best European Actor of the Year: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), award in the Best Editing category.

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017: Special prize.

The best film of the All About Freedom Festival, Gdańsk

Average rate: 3.0
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