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Cinema program "Game Night" in Warszawa

Cinema   Saturday, 17 March
Morning Sort up Afternoon Sort up Evening Sort up
Atlantic 11:20
Cinema City Arkadia 2d 11:40 16:20 ticket 19:10 ticket 22:20 ticket
Cinema City Bemowo 2d 14:20 18:20 ticket 20:30 ticket
Cinema City Janki 2d 13:20 17:30 ticket 20:00 ticket 22:10 ticket
Cinema City Mokotów 2d 14:20 18:50 ticket 21:00 ticket
Cinema City Promenada 2d 13:00 17:40 ticket 19:50 ticket 22:30 ticket
Cinema City Sadyba 2d 11:50 15:40 20:00 ticket 22:10 ticket
Multikino Targówek 17:00 ticket 19:15 ticket 21:30 ticket
Multikino Ursynów 19:25 ticket 21:30 ticket
Multikino Wola 14:15
Multikino Złote Tarasy 20:35 ticket
Movie poster Wieczór gier
Original title: Game Night
Runtime: 100 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Category: comedy / crime / mystery
Release Date: 9 March 2018
Distribution: Warner

Directed by: John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Cast: Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Jason Bateman

COMEDY. Bateman and McAdams play the roles of Max and Anna, who meet once a week with other couples for joint games and games. To warm up the atmosphere a bit, on one of those evenings, Max's charismatic brother, Brooks (Chandler), organizes the fun of solving a mysterious murder case with substitute thugs and federal agents. When Brooks himself is kidnapped, everyone thinks it's only part of the fun ... but are you sure? When six participants who love rivalry set off to resolve the matter and win, it gradually becomes clear that they were wrong both in the "game" and in Brooks. A game in which no rules apply, no points are awarded and it is not entirely clear who participates in it, it may turn out to be the best game in their life or ... the last one.

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Average rate: 3.0
rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0
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