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Bikini Blue

Directed by: Jarosław Marszewski

Cinema program "Bikini Blue" in Kraków

Cinema   Saturday, 29 April
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ARS: Kiniarnia 17:00 ticket
Cinema City Bonarka 12:10 ticket 22:00 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 12:00 ticket 21:40 ticket
Cinema City Plaza 13:30 ticket 17:20 ticket
Cinema City Zakopianka 21:50 ticket
Kino Mikro 14:30 ticket
Kino Pod Baranami 17:35 ticket
Movie poster Bikini Blue
Original title: Bikini Blue
Runtime: 90 min.
Production: Polska/Wlk. Brytania , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 21 April 2017
Distribution: Best Film

Directed by: Jarosław Marszewski
Cast: Tomasz Kot, Lianne Harvey, Ruby Bentall

England, Manchester. The end of World War II. If the world had gone mad, why can not we? For a moment, forget about what was to break away from the overwhelming reality and how unfettered teenagers kissing on the beach? And so nothing is as it seems. There is no one truth, and perhaps the only way to return to normal life is madness?

In the years 1939 to 1947 almost 200 000 Poles wounded by war and great politics began a new life in a foreign island. For most of them it was a journey to the unknown, distant and not very hospitable planet. That's life in this "alien planet" and interplanetary, the Polish-English tells the love story.
The film is set in 1953. - This is the year when Stalin died, Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of Great Britain, and the England at Wembley suffered a historic defeat of the communist Hungary - says writer and director Jarek Marszewski. The background story is the "cold war". The main characters are the spouses Eryk Szumski, Polish soldier-exile and Dora, a young Englishwoman. After a failed suicide attempt Eric stays in Mabledon Park mental hospital designed for former Polish soldiers suffering from war trauma. Dora embarks on a journey that is between them to explain the mystery. This is a story of alienation and finding a new, unknown world, about people and wounded worthy of the fate of the lost and struggle to regain his - explains the director.

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